Engineering and assistance.

Zeatz Innovation is essential to fulfil the philosophy of Fitting your project. It is made up of our own technical department of engineers and mechanics. Its mission is to investigate, develop and provide valuable technical solutions to the clients, with the latest generation machinery and instruments and the knowledge for the innovative use of technology.
International post – sales service. Our own network of distributors. Zeatz also has a technical assistance team for the application maintenance both at the customer’s home and at the company’s premises. This team can carry out the electronic and mechanical installation of the rotary table on your machine. Zeatz uses original spare parts for this service.

Maximum precision in each model.

The renowned quality and precision of Zeatz rotary tables is demonstrated and proven in every project. The manufactured articles go through the quality control department to make all the technical and geometrical verifications by our own engineering and mechanical department.
Angular checks are carried out in Zeatz’s quality control department by means of a Renishaw Interferometric Laser System with which we measure angularity, positioning, straightness, and more. This check can also be carried out at the customer’s premises.


The innovation and solvency activity of ZEATZ is certified in compliance with the UNE 15300-2, UNE 15450-2 and VDI/DGQ 3441 standards, which verify the maximum precision in each model.
In addition, Zeatz is certified ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 by the company Aquacert, which guarantees the level of quality in all procedures.

ISO9001 Certificate


ISO14001 Certificate